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Celestial Essences

  I started Mystic Garden at the insistence of my angels and guides, along with Archangel Michael, as a way to help "stretch my spiritual muscles."  It began with a project given to me through a reading by Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman, a true Eath Angel and amazing human being. http://www.earthangel4peace.com/ Check out her amazing repertoire.

  After meditating on the information given I was directed to start my business with the Celestial Essences.  Making fused glass plates infused with the Sacred Geometric sigils of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, along with the moon phases, zodiac and Celtic Ogham, along with the power color for each angel's season, I then asked the angels what these essences would be.  I started out with Archangel Michael in his season and immediately received 7 recipes to be used, along with their names and messages; and so I was on my way!  The essences, once blended, are put on the Power Plates to charge and receive the energy of that specific Archangel, along with the elements and energies from the other symbols fused into the plates.  These Power Plates have become a very powerful conduit for receiving and charging the Celestial Essences with energy.  Please visit my blog to read more about my Power Plates.

  Each essence is made from pure organic essential oils and are powerful pathworking tools that can be used to help clear and heal your auric and etheric fields, to assist you in your meditations, and throughout your everyday life.  The essences are in 1/2 ounce cobalt blue bottles mixed with a carrier oil blend.  They may be applied onto the skin, used as a massage oil, or placed in a diffuser to diffuse the energy throughout your day.  Please do not place the Celestial Essences directly onto your clothing as some essential oils may stain,  If you are sensitive to fragrances or you have a skin sensitivity please do not use this directly on your skin.


  I also create personal oil blends along with a reading assisted by my angels, guides, and the Archangels.  I am happy to serve.  I give thanks and gratitude for your support.  Brightest Blessings!



DISCLAIMER:  I do not and cannot prescribe.  The products listed in this catalog are for pathworking practices to assist you on your life path.  They are not recommended for use in place of treatment for disease.  Please consult a competent Health Care Practitioner when appropriate.

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